Blue Glass Cabinet Knobs and Drawer Pulls

Adding brightly colored knobs or pulls to cabinets and drawers is one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to transform bland to beautiful. Blue is one of those great colors that is available in a variety of shades and blends well into many decorating styles. Cabinet and drawer hardware is a great way to enhance an existing color theme or add brightness to darker pieces of furniture. Make a statement this year by banishing old and worn hardware with new and exciting designs.

Glass hardware is one of those unexpected and unusual ways to upgrade cabinets or drawers and create a dramatic new focal point for any room. Often during decorating bright colors are kept to small accent areas because they can be overpowering in larger amounts. Utilize the strength of blue by adding an elegant knob to your cabinets or drawers – this will provide extra hints of color without dominating the space.

Try to mix and match different materials throughout the home to create a wonderful new theme. Using nautical theme pewter knobs and dark blue glass knobs in a bathroom for example can create a wonderful nautical theme without going “overboard”. Try introducing glass doorknobs, curtain tie backs or coat hooks to create a theme in glass throughout different rooms. Remember that decorating should be fun and reflect the personality of the home owners. Don’t be afraid of bright colors, use small amounts to your advantage.

Glass cabinet knobs and pulls are available in a several shades of blue including Cobalt, Bright Peacock, Milk Blue and Light Blue. Most standard cabinets and drawers will use a 1 1 /4 inch to 1 1/2 inch knob (knobs smaller than 1 1/4 inches tend to look disproportionate on most standard cabinets). LookInTheAttic & Company offers a wide selection of glass knobs and pulls for the home and they offer free design assistance and help.