Make Your Search For Home Office Furniture Easier With These Reviews of Some Available Options

Are you setting up an office in your home? Are you confused about what type of furniture you would require? Or what look you should settle for to show ultimate class and style? Well, we are here to help. Following are a few types and models of home office furniture that will help you make your decision in choosing furniture that suits your personality.

The Americus collection is a furniture set that comes with a Russett Mahogany finish. This collection showcases a look from the 1920’s to 1930’s. It comes with a book matched mahogany top with a walnut border, a dentil molding and fluted channels for a style that is truly transitional and distinct. It has functions like wire management, locking pedestals and drawers that are fully extended. It also has a cleverly designed storage space that is concealed that is accessible via some panels loaded with springs.

Next in home office furniture is the Summit-Reed collection which comes with a beautiful rich Sunset Cherry finish. It has component units which give the user an ability to use different shelves that have optional pedestals as well as other pieces. This will help you configure a limitless range of office suites that will decorate your environment around the work place. These pieces are available as assembled pieces but if you choose to assemble it yourself into your own design you can do so. The furniture has a modified edge of reed along with the Sunset Cherry finish in addition to the hardware made of split nickel.

Similar to the Summit-Reed collection of home office furniture is the Summit-Cope collection. This is designed to achieve modularity with aesthetics and value in mind. This too is available assembles as well as non assembled. There are a variety of different units all of which can suit your different needs. It comes with an edge that is radius coped and has hardware made of curved nickel.

The next collection in home office furniture is the Belvedere collection. Truly classy it is an executive contemporary set that has a Sunset Cherry finish as well. It has some distinct features that emphasize the clean lines. Also used are satin tops that create an effect of a ‘floating top’. The hardware has been blended beautifully with some figured Anigre striking veneers that give it the sophisticated look it is popular for. This makes it distinct and suits the executive office perfectly.

The Pimlico collection is another that comes with a stylized sleek design. In addition it has a mocha finish which is probably one of the most popular in home office furniture.This makes it quite appealing. This smooth finish combined with bases made of satin aluminum and some frosted glass that are framed into doors and modesty panels all enhance its look. This collection features edges that are made with an angle that is slightly recessed. The tops are separated from the chassis by a reveal of satin aluminum and compliments the drawers made of satin nickel.

Next in line is the Eclipse collection of home office furniture. With some simple lines and a streamline styling this collection offers sophistication that is sleek with an Eclipse Mahogany finish. It has radius edges with bow-front tops and provides the user with comfort. The drawer fronts are shaped to provide a well finished aesthetic appeal. This collection has two finishes, the Classic Mahogany finish and the Warm Cherry finish.

The Belmont collection comes with a transitional styling that exhibits warmth and elegance. It has a cherry veneer that is inlaid and bordered with a banding of walnut. The crown moldings are double headed and add to the unique detailing on this set. There are bow-front surfaces and centre drawers that makes it distinct amongst the home office furniture. There are 3 finishes in this collection, the Executive Cherry finish, the Sunset Cherry finish and the Brown Cherry finish.

The Del Mar collection on the other hand comes with just the Sunset Cherry finish but its styling makes it quite striking. It comes with Sapele Pommele veneers and some Shaker influences that are subtle but visible. It is an alternative to the traditional environment of the office. The construction with select wood holds up well as will the assortment of furnishings that are part of this collection.

Another collection in the home office furniture’s the Fifth Avenue Series. This series is a blend of tradition and contemporary elements that create a transitional style that is unique. It has a Manhattan Mahogany finish on mahogany veneers that have black reveals for accents. There are file drawers with filing systems and regular drawers as well. There are centre drawers to use for the keyboard.

Hopefully the brief summaries of these collections will give you an idea of the styles available to you. From here you will be able to narrow your focus to guide you to office furnishings that will fulfill your requirements for an efficient and productive home workspace.

Guide to Audio Video Furniture

You just bought you new plasma, LCD, DLP, flat panel TV or projector. If you can’t find a proper place to mount on wall or you need to house your audio video components, you will most likely need an Audio cabinet for you components, a TV stand, or base to house both the TV and your home theater components. This guide will tell you all about audio video furniture.

Knockdown vs. Assembled

Most home theater audio video furniture either is KD (knockdown) or assembled in one piece. What’s the difference? KD means that the unit ships un-assembled in pieces and you have to put it together with your time or hire someone to do it. The advantage of KD furniture is that it can usually ship quickly for those people that need to meet a time deadline. The other advantage it usually is less expensive than assembled furniture quality pieces. The quality of KD items varies greatly. AV furniture first and foremost must be able to handle heavy televisions and components and we believe that KD furniture must be made with MDF, not particle board. A term associated with KD (knockdown) is also RTA (Ready to Assemble). These terms mean the same thing. The customer pays a little less, but has to put the item together on their time. The other small advantage to KD or RTA audio video furniture is that if it gets damaged, replacement parts can be sent to fix the issue readily.

The best quality furniture pieces have furniture “styling” which is made to be sen, not to be hidden in a closet. The hardware on these pieces are of higher quality including hinges and handles. Most assembled furniture is made with MDF with real wood veneers.

Assembled furniture is a convenient option for those with people with little time or patience for assembling furniture. The assembled option in most cases is of higher quality than most KD pieces.. You would need to check the manufacturer as the market is flooded with many importers where quality can vary and the packing of the furniture may be sub standard for shipping on a freight truck. All assembled furniture is inspected by our delivery centers prior to delivery. This level of quality control does not exist with many other on line retailers. Who you buy from is just as important as what you buy in the world of on line furniture retailers. You should always call the toll free phone number of any web site before ordering assembled furniture. Be sure to check the hours of the web site first before calling. The key consideration is longevity of the company. It’s best to make sure a company has been in business at least 5 years.

Consider the Placement of the Home Theater Furniture

When planning a home theater or media room, you will need to consider where to place your av rack. Will it be hidden from view in a closet, a utility room, a special av cabinet, or piece of furniture. If you are hiding your furniture in a cabinet or closet, consider rotating AV racks that can pull out and rotate.

If you plan to position the mount in the front of your room, you will need to consider a cabinet that has furniture styling, since it will always be in view.

If being placed in the back of room or off to the side, you may consider knockdown options.

Wood or Metal Glass

Furniture construction can vary. In general, the look you want to achieve comes down to wood or glass. If you like a traditional approach, wood AV furniture may appeal to you. Most choices include black, cherry or oak finish. A maple or walnut finish is available in certain styles. If you prefer a more contemporary look, you may consider a metal glass combination. The glass is typically tempered to make it extremely strong.

Dimensions and Weight Considerations for AV Furniture:

The most common issue with choosing AV furniture is the size. If you are using for a tv stand you will need to find out the width of the TV, not the diagonal measurement. Most manufacturers use diagonal measurements on TV’s versus width measurements, you will need to find this specification to choose the correct tv stand size. The other common measurement needed is interior shelf dimensions. This is very important if you have some oversized av equipment, less important if you have normal components. Last but not least, consider the weight of your television and the weight of your components. The heaviest two pieces are usually the TV and the AV Receiver/Amp. Most top shelf designs of our tv stands can handle up to 250lbs, but check the specs to be sure. The other consideration is the interior shelf load bearing. Some amps can weigh up to 100lbs! It’s best to place the amp on the lower shelf, which is best for weight and sound absorption.

Back Panel Options

Many video tv stands are coming out with back panel options. A back panel allows you to mount a plasma or lcd tv on the panel and run the wires behind it. This makes for ease of installation and a cost savings, since you don’t need an installer to run av cables or electrical. A back panel is an attractive alternative to mounting a plasma on a wall. A static fixed mount will probably be the best option for a back panel. The back panel is also good because the TV is at the viewer’s eye level while sitting down.

What’s in a Name?

Many people search for equipment racks using these terms: Audio rack, video rack, av rack, audio furniture, av furniture, tv stand, television stand or home entertainment center. Generally, a “rack” is knockdown and “furniture” is usually an assembled piece. Be sure to check the details on all products. A name could be just a title that doesn’t accurately describe the piece you are ordering.


How long do I want this piece of furniture to last? How long will I be living in current residence? If you are planning on moving to a new location, you may consider a temporary solution versus a more permanent furniture purchase. The “Knockdown” option is good if you are going to move in a couple years. If you plan on living in your current residence longer than 5 years you may consider an assembled av furniture purchase.